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Foreman + Puppet

Foreman + puppet is a pretty awesome combination for automating your IT infrastructure.

I followed a great guide here for setting up a puppet master with foreman web gui.


Don’t have capital letters in your hostname – host.example.local not host.EXAMPLE.LOCAL – else it will have problems setting up the proxy.

Don’t name the user on your server “foreman” – it will make the installation fail, and you won’t know why. The installer creates a user foreman and does some stuff in the home directory.

Also for my setup to install correctly (foreman + ubuntu 14.04) I had to change this command:

foreman-installer > ./foreman.log


Foreman-installer --enable-foreman-proxy > ./foreman.log

else I had errors like:

/Stage[main]/Foreman_proxy::Register/Foreman_smartproxy  Could not evaluate: Could not load data from